The Commons is a 2800 sf restaurant in Woodinville, WA whose owner envisioned a comfortable dining experience that blended old and new elements. Hinge Studio stripped away corporate finishes of the previous business to reveal the original structure’s rural barn-style aesthetic. Removing unnecessary walls that broke up the space and taking advantage of the existing windows and high ceilings, the result is an airy open space flooded with natural light. Hinge also aimed to reuse and repurpose as many materials as possible, which results in an eclectic but well composed palette of textures and colors. The bar top and wood shelves, made of wood reclaimed from a sunken cargo ship in Port Townsend, are juxtaposed against sandblasted concrete floors. The creative use of warehouse lighting and open ceilings allowed Hinge Studio to stay on budget without compromising aesthetics.  A feature design element – the large interchangeable chalkboard wall menu  – allows the owner to incorporate his signature menu into the restaurant experience.

Links + Credits:
The Commons
Beaver Machine Works,Contractor and Steel Fabricator
J. Hobson Photography, photographs

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