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Growing up in Kansas instilled an appreciation of genuine kindness and the subtle beauty found in rolling prairie hills and limestone buildings. Though always a Kansan at heart, time spent in South Korea and Guatemala spurred a love of mountainscapes and ocean air that brought Weston to Seattle via bicycle tour in 2013.

Weston came to Hinge through a close friendship and found that connection is precisely what makes the studio a perfect fit for him. From the familial dynamic within the office to close relationships shared with clients and craftspeople, Hinge’s relationship to place, people, and materials defines the ethos of the company.

During his first year with Hinge, Weston enjoyed working on both residential and commercial projects, and is excited to continue exploring the joys and challenges of giving a second life to existing buildings.

When he is not at the office you might find Weston baking bread, making pasta, or climbing about in the Cascades with a pair of skis and good company.

Weston Norwood Associate At Hinge Studio
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