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Project Description
Project Details

Like many homes built in the 20s and 30s, this 1924 home had a tiny closed off kitchen. With four doors entering into the 8 by 12 foot space the kitchen was barely functional. Hinge Studio opened to wall between the kitchen and the living room, closed off the door to the side porch and inserted a modern kitchen. The result is an open generous kitchen that allows the cooks to work while still interacting with families and guests. The project utilizes Ikea cabinets, off the shelf and salvaged materials keeping the costs very affordable. Old growth fir lumber taken from the walls during demolition and salvaged from an old work bench in the families garage were used to wrap cabinets and to create a farm style kitchen table. The stair leading out of the kitchen was re-clad in using white washed oriented strand board, (a product typically used as the sheathing beneath the siding on the exterior of a home) and framing grade hem-fir lumber. In order to further reduce costs the homeowners kept the decommissioned side porch turning it into a club house for their two young children.

Square Footage: 2,400 SF
Location: Beacon Hill – Seattle, WA

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