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Hinge Studio is committed to furthering the use of materials that don’t have repercussions.  These pages are intended to bring awareness and resources to clients and contractors.

The following slides are from the Healthy Materials Course offered by the Parsons Healthy Materials Lab. The Lab is a valuable resource for additional information on this topic, both through continuing education programs and by providing resources to help make informed choices when selecting materials.

Why Healthy Materials?


  • As architects, we know that the materials we use in buildings can make people sick or impact their health, and this drives us to learn more.  
  • We want to support the health of people who construct the buildings, who live and work in them, and who maintain them.


  • Environmental impacts go beyond the production of new materials. There are long lasting effects, many of which will continue after a material has been discarded. Natural disasters, fires, and even demolition can result in negative environmental impacts.
  • We want to conserve and preserve resources for future generations.


  • We want transparency in the impacts of materials on our health and the environment.
  • We want to educate ourselves and our clients on the impacts of materials.
  • We want to advocate for better products.
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