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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

 At Hinge, our mission is to discover, honor and express the true essence of a place and the humans that create and engage with it.    We creatively integrate both the functional and the poetic.

Our Vision

At Hinge, our vision is a world in which no structure, no thing, no one with value is discarded and in which each can safely and bravely express its essential nature. 

Our Core Values


We utilize what’s available for the greatest effect. We believe small simple solutions can have as much (and sometimes more)  impact than large complex ones.


We discover the essential nature of what is and reveal the beauty behind its true essence.


We discern where our love (e.g. time, attention, energy, resources) is  needed most and will make the most difference.


We listen deeply to our clients, the spaces we design, each other and ourselves to discern what wants to be.


We make choices that provide lasting value.


We believe the best work grows out of open-mindedness, curiosity  and a willingness not to take ourselves too seriously.  Play allows us to unhinge from what  is expected and invent something new.

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