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Where is the love ?

Great architecture requires love.

Imagine how it would change the world if every space, every structure, every built experience was imbued with love.

Love listens.
Love observes.
Love sees the innate value and possibility in something and reveals it to the world.
Love is about giving more than the essential.
In order to love one must be confident, strong, and unafraid; one must take big chances, big risks, and then trust.
Love is fun and irreverent and joyful.
Love requires our best work and our best selves.
I would like to challenge all of us to always find the love.
It is a framework that should guide our work, and our process.
Through our work we love what exists.
We love what can be.
We love our clients.
We love those who use and experience our spaces now and into the future.
We make the world a better place.

I believe it goes beyond just the product of our work. Love is about how we get there.
With everything we are doing right now in building this firm we are moving toward love.
Team is the ultimate manifestation of love.
We work together – putting the team and the collective above ourselves.
We support each other.
We see each others innate strengths and celebrate them.
We see each others weaknesses and offer support and encouragement for growth.
We succeed together and we fail together. We celebrate and laugh together.

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