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Project Description
Project Details
When the homeowners approached Hinge they desparately wanted to improve the flow, quality and character of their Lake Forest Park Home. The home had undergone several incongruous remodels since it’s origins as a 1950s California Ranch style home. The remodel in the early 80s had doubled the size of the home but stripped out most of the character and had carved the home up into small closed off spaces with strangely shaped and very tall vaulted ceilings.
By removing the oversized 1950s chimney and relocating the utility room, Hinge was able to open up the floor plan of this home. The resulting space is open airy and works much better for this fun fast moving family. Traditional detailing in the form of columns and built ins bring character and quality into the home. The house is filled with fun nooks and crannies from an attic office space and a kids club house both nestled in the eaves and taking advantage of former underused lofted ceilings to a sound isolated drum room accessed by a ship ladder stair tucked behind a book shelf.
This house is a great representation of the way Hinge can transform existing spaces and make them truly reflect the style, character and way of life of their owners.

Square Footage: 1,500 SF Renovation
Location: Lake Forest Park, WA
Contractor: Ryann Day RJ Day Construction

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