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Project Description
Project Details

Thackeray is located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, on the ground floor of the Brooks headquarters at 34th Street and Stone Way, the owners envisioned an industrial vibe with a bohemian twist. The design concept begins with the term “bohemian,” which was first coined by the restaurant’s namesake, William Makepeace Thackeray, in his 1848 book called Vanity Fair.

Hinge Studio realized this industrial-bohemian aesthetic through a rich layering of materials, building techniques, lighting, and spatial arrangements. Luxurious leather-tufted booths, custom-designed light fixtures, a blackened bronze bartop, and reclaimed stained wood tables with bronze detailing are just some of the elements that weave together the industrial and the bohemian. A large space of (5450 sf), the main design challenge was to create three distinct dining spaces serving different purposes. The bar area, which offers swings for seating, is defined by a bold curved bartop design. The north dining area is casual with a long communal table, and the second dining area is more formally arranged with a banquette and serves as an event space. The restaurant offers a casual, but refined dining experience from breakfast to late evening cocktails. 

Square Footage: 5,450 SF
Location: Wallingford – Seattle, WA
Contractor: BMDC
Photographer: J. Hobson Photography

Website: Thackeray Cafe & Wine Bar

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