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Founder Architect

Kate founded Hinge Studio in 2010. She comes to architecture from a background in art, design, and education, as well as over 10 years of construction and carpentry prior to formally pursuing architecture. As a result, Kate can combine innovative ideas, excellent communication and realistic understanding of how buildings go together. A former mentor once told Kate that she had an amazing “zoomability factor” – the ability to move seamlessly between the big idea and vision to the small details on each project. She has a passion for reinventing and reusing space, buildings, and materials. For Kate collaboration is key to great architecture and design. She loves the play of ideas and great solutions that result when the client, consultants, contractor and design team all work together to share knowledge and concepts.

Outside of her career as an architect, Kate is an avid skier (both in bounds and out), cyclist, hiker, collector of typewriters, glass insulators and old clocks and maker of experimental creations from food to art. Kate loves to surround herself with friends and family including two superhero daughters and a patient grounded spouse.

Kate Cudney Principal At Hinge Studio
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