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Project Description
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Warm and grounded in northwest lodge style, this clinic reflects the friendly, down to earth nature of the hospital’s doctors. Hinge worked closely with these doctors to maximize the space for both current flexibility and future growth. With a compact, efficient floor plan, a lot of program was fit into this 2300 sf space. The practice has 4 exam rooms with dual access, a grieving suite, separate lab and pharmacy, a double surgical suite and a treatment space with three treatment tables. Hinge collaborated with the contractor to create a budget conscious design that still reflected the character and quality of the practice. The stone and wood reception desk and entry wall reflect the rich natural materials of the northwest and create a welcoming environment for the clinic’s families and their beloved pets.

Square Footage: 2,885 SF
Location: Shoreline, WA
Shoreline Vet
: Big Sky Northwest

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