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This Napkin Sketch project made it all the way from the small town of Rock Falls Illinois. Sam KenKnight and Travis McClain have a small metal shop with big potential. The two recently went out on their own to start a shop that could house Sam’s laser cutting and design company as well as Travis’s custom metal fabrication. Their existing shop is an interesting space composed of three combined structures. the central shop section with horizontal sliding doors, a pole barn style section on the right with a vertical sliding door and very high ceilings, and a lean-to style section on the left with an open front. The whole structure is constructed of combination of I-beams, corrugated sheet metal, and old wooden beams. They approached our team with the design challenges of material storage, equipment storage and flexible workstations. One of the most fun parts of the exercise was thinking how we could use their in house skills of metal fabrication and expertise to build and install some of the features we designed.


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