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Outdoor living spaces

At Hinge Studio, we strive to infuse love into the spaces we create. When designing outdoor areas, we rely on four key techniques to achieve this goal: Prospect, Refuge, Greenery, and Warmth. Here are some of our favorite outdoor projects involving each. 


Prospect + Refuge

We always want to highlight and optimize a view – whether a wide open vista or a glowing city skyline, or perhaps just the layered view from one outdoor space to another, but we have found views are best enjoyed from a cozy safe place of refuge. Seating areas should utilize cozy furniture and be protected from the wind and the elements.

For our work with Wheel Line Cider, we created a functional and flexible outdoor space made for sipping on cider while taking in the stunning sunset and sprawling terrain on this family farm in eastern Washington. This project adapted an existing barn to house a production cidery and tasting room. Located on a family farm in eastern Washington the project incorporates simple materials and a farm inspired aesthetic to create a functional, flexible, cost effective space.

Pablo y Pablo

Outdoor Rooms

Here in the PNW, we LOVE the abundance of outdoor opportunities that our temperate climate provides. By varying types of seating and clustering elements in groups and using plants, decor or even large art elements, we can create outdoor rooms without walls or roofs. We aim to create seamless transitions between outdoor and indoor spaces. 

At this Bellevue penthouse we were able to reveal the fullest grandeur of the space, which had previously been segmented and had not taken advantage of the incredible 360-degree views. 

For Pablo Y Pablo we created a flexible, covered, outdoor seating area that allows this restaurant to double its dining capacity in the warmer months. 

DeLille Cellars Tasting Room Patio


Whether an outdoor space is located amidst a garden or surrounded by well spaced planters, patios and decks are always more intimate and enjoyable when plants are involved. Shown here is how we implemented this for our friends at DeLille Cellars Tasting Room

Bring Warmth

Warmth is critical in outdoor spaces especially – Whether we are literally bringing warmth with fire pits, outdoor heaters, or blankets or creating the illusion of warmth with glowing lights and natural materials and textures, folks in our cool pacific northwest climate love to feel warm. 

For this modern 3 story home  we melded light, detail, and materiality that embraces the views and creates generous indoor/outdoor living and entertaining spaces. ⁣

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