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Adaptive reuse is...

Kate Cudney, Founder and Principal Architect of Hinge Studio

Adaptive reuse is just a fancy word that architects use for reusing old things.  It can be many things, but it’s always about giving objects and materials and buildings a new life. Adaptive reuse is…

Stitching together old doors with steel to make a 10 foot wide sliding wall.
Transforming an abandoned building once used for truck repair into a vodka distillery
Salvaging factory windows to use a screen divider between the kitchen and dining area in a restaurant
Using wood lath from the walls of a demolished house to be the face of a reception desk
Transforming a garage into an accessory dwelling unit
Finding Japanese glass fishing floats in an antique store and putting them in a wall to bring in light.
Incorporating old barn siding as wall paneling
Using old chalkboard slate for siding on an accessory dwelling unit so grandkids can decorate grandma’s house
Expanding a one room hunting cabin into a 5 room family ski cabin
Making a table for one project from beams removed from another project.
Transforming an old mason guild hall into a creative collective (bertoldi hall)

At Hinge, we see so much beauty in transforming what was into what is. At Hinge we love adaptive reuse.

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